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Paintings by janine epere

About the Artist

Janine Epere is an artist based in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. Driven by process and often the prophetic, Janine captures creation and deeply personal inspiration with her acrylic paintings. 

A recovered heroin addict, Janine discovered her passion for painting with folk art at a long-term rehabilitation program in the early 1990s. Her art became a much-needed creative outlet, and it was upon completing a Trompe l’oeil course that Janine harnessed her inspiring ability to replicate photographs. Great interest was generated by these remarkable pieces, with many selling at considerable price points.

In 2007 Janine and husband Lewis founded Destiny Haven, a charitable organisation that was to become their life’s mission and purpose in seeing broken women restored to wellness. Painting continued to be a source
of profound inspiration and contemplation for Janine, and a place of stillness amidst the busy and 
emotionally taxing demands of managing Destiny Haven. Over this time, Janine discovered a looser style of painting and created many of her signature prophetic works.

Today, Janine continues to see broken lives restored as CEO of Destiny Haven, and enjoys unleashing creativity in her home studio, her happy place. Her work is currently available in a series of limited-edition prints, an initiative to raise much-needed funds for registered charity, Destiny Haven. A collection of originals are also available, please enquire.

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